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Vincent Energy is a fully integrated, energy division of Vincent Companies, involved in the acquisition and direct ownership of oil and gas wells primarily located in the sweet crude oil-rich Texas Gulf Coast Basin. The focus is on providing unparalleled tax advantages coupled with the potential for strong growth and long-term monthly income.

The company is guided by a simple philosophy: “Identify opportunity, manage risk and create value.” Vincent is led by co-founders Dale Creed Francis and Ryan Litfin whom have decades of investment experience. Each of our Principals, Partners, and Senior Executives included in our projects are actively engaged and know how to find and efficiently produce oil and natural gas.

Vincent’s experienced team seeks to grow the wealth of its accredited investors through what we believe to be a conservative, yet creative approach to oil and gas production and exploration. Combined with our ability to access deal flow and capital, our team has the ability to execute successfully through various partners and oil and gas industry leaders.

Vincent Energy seeks to grow the capital of its accredited investors by creating value-added investments that are non-correlated to the stock market.


Many high-net-worth and/or high-income investors find themselves more willing than ever to vacate conventional investments in a low yield environment and seek out opportunities that have the potential to deliver higher returns. With a blend of unparalleled tax benefits, the potential for a higher ROI and long-term income potential, as well as a much more diverse portfolio, Direct Participation Oil & Gas (DPOG)™ meets a wide variety of aggressive yet risk-adjusted investment objectives.



With the global demand for oil and natural gas continuing to grow, it could be an ideal time to increase portfolio yields with potential energy income. With ever increasing international industrialization, it is no wonder global demand for oil continues to rise, year after year. And amidst this unquenchable thirst for more energy, the leading producers around the world are watching their production levels steadily decline. As this occurs, the basic economic rules of supply and demand take charge. This fundamental economic principal has been the primary influence over prices throughout history and remains the driving force behind rising oil prices of today.



Although not the main reason to participate, one of the most powerful tools for accredited investors to reduce their taxable “ordinary income,” also known as “active income,” are the tax benefits inherent in oil and gas exploration ventures. These benefits are not only real, they were purposely created by Congress in an attempt to strengthen America’s global energy position. Since the tax benefits were created to promote investment, they are designed to substantially reduce the at-risk dollars of a project. For high-income individuals that find themselves paying at the highest Federal income tax bracket (+/- 45% when factoring in State income tax), it is a choice to simply pay the tax bill and lose those dollars with no hope of recovery. For example, a tax bill of $45,000 on income of $100,000 would be a complete loss of $45,000. On the other hand, by risking $55,000 out of a $100,000 investment (since your tax bill should be reduced by $45,000), you will, instead, create an opportunity to have partial ownership of an oil and gas well producing potential long term cash flow!



As a hard asset with low correlation to stocks & bonds, energy investments could protect your portfolio from short-term market fluctuations. While no single investment strategy is suitable for everyone, exploration and/or production-based energy investments offer the potential for higher returns than many traditional investments. Direct energy investments (a portfolio with ownership in producing oil and gas properties) enjoy low correlation with other traditional asset classes and generally positive correlation with inflation. As a diversification strategy, a portfolio with ownership in such an investment may provide a buffer against fluctuating market conditions and inflation movements.


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Indicate that you qualify as an accredited investor under Regulation D.


Co-founder & Managing Partner

Mr. Francis has decades of experience in the financial sector and economic industry. He is a Co-founder & Managing Partner of Minneapolis-based Vincent Companies, a privately held firm with multiple, specialized divisions. The Vincent Companies have built a strong reputation on being open, honest, and transparent. Aside from his duties as co-host of the award-winning investor advocacy show, Financial Fortitude, which is nationally broadcast daily, he is also a partner of a Chicago-based hedge fund company. In addition to his traditional business interests, Mr. Francis is a public speaker and author. His book, Preventative Wealth Care® – got protection?, has become extremely popular with investors and financial professionals alike. It’s available in paperback and e-book on Amazon.


Co-founder & Managing Partner

Ryan earned his degree in Finance & Economics from Gustavus Adolphus College and over the better part of two decades has proceeded to successfully build a reputation as an industry leader and educator for investors, institutions, and financial professionals alike. Ryan is a Co-founder & Managing Partner of Minneapolis-based Vincent Companies, a privately held firm with multiple, specialized divisions. The Vincent Companies have tirelessly built its strong reputation on being open, honest, and transparent when working with its clients, partners, employees, contractors, operators, vendors and suppliers. Aside from his duties as co-host of the award-winning investor advocacy show, Financial Fortitude, he is also a passive principal of a Chicago-based hedge fund company.

Investments in oil and gas involve a substantial risk of loss. You should therefore carefully consider whether such investments are appropriate for you in light of your financial situation. This information is not intended as investment, tax or legal advice. Any discussion involving an offering provided by Vincent Energy is qualified in its entirety by the information included in the specific offering’s disclosure documents and supplements (collectively, the “Memorandum”). Any solicitation of an offer may be made only by delivery of the Memorandum and to accredited investors only. There are significant risks associated with oil and gas ventures, and there is no assurance we will participate in a productive well. Please read the private placement memorandum in its entirety.